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Volunteering for Gift of Life

Volunteers are the heart of Gift of Life Michigan. They share their stories to help spread the message that donation saves lives; they add names to the Michigan Organ Donor Registry; and they motivate others to be involved. Many of our volunteers have gone through the same donor family journey you have experienced. Others know firsthand how crucial the donation process is to giving critically ill people a new shot at life, because they have received an organ or tissue transplant.

If you're interested, contact Kim Zasa, Gift of Life’s volunteer coordinator, at or (723) 922-1042. Or click the button below to complete the online volunteer application.

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Hosting an event to raise funds and awareness for donation

Another way you can support our efforts is by hosting an event to raise funds to support our educational and outreach activities. These activities try to increase the number of people registered as donors, often by addressing the myths or barriers that prevent people from signing up. Funding also provides support services for transplant recipients and donor families.

We would be honored to provide guidance on establishing a fundraising event, whether it be a one-time event or an annual occurrence. We are happy to provide materials to share the life-saving message of donation and transplantation.

Please contact Susan Rink, Gift of Life’s chief of philanthropy, at (734) 922-1350 or make your gift online.

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Memorializing your hero through personal philanthropy

One powerful way to honor your loved one and their life-saving generosity is by making a financial gift to the Gift of Life Foundation in memory of your loved one. Your gift will honor your hero and support the noble efforts of Gift of Life Michigan. Your contribution, whether large or small, will have a lasting impact on donation.

We are here to help you with this gift. Please contact Susan Rink at (734) 922-1350 or make your gift online.